Alaga ~ A Filipino word meaning to care for one as if they are family.

~ The Truth about Hospice ~

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Alaga Hospice is not about “the end” or “death”. We are about enjoying life and preserving comfort and the quality of life for the end part of one's journey.

Hospice care is not about speeding one's passing, but about providing symptom relief in one's passing. At Alaga Hospice, we consider hospice as more than symptom relief, but more of maximizing our patients' quality of life.

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Hospice is not only for actively dying patients. Under the Hospice rules of Medicare, a physician will review and determine if a patient has an illness that qualifies for hospice. Sometimes hospice care can last as long as six months, though every person and stiuation is unique. At Alaga Hospice, whether we have a few days or six months, we want to make that time count and help you enjoy the time you have.

image of elder couple gazing over the ocean

Hospice care is a benefit that is provided under Medicare and many insurances. In most cases it is completely covered and will not be an expense for you or your loved ones.

Choosing hospice does not mean you are giving up on life or cannot treat other illnesses along the way. A patient may choose to more aggressively treat an illness at a later time. Should you get sick from something other than your terminal illness, you can still receive treatment for that illness.