Alaga ~ A Filipino word meaning to care for one as if they are family.

~ Frequently Asked Questions ~

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Question: Does choosing hospice mean I am ending my life/do not want to live?

Answer: Not at all. Choosing hospice care is choosing to focus on comfort rather than aggressive treatments that may in fact shorten and worsen the remaining time one has. If upon assessment of the patient and review of their medical records, if we determine you could overcome a possible terminal illness, we will encourage you to still focus on aggressive treatment.

Question: Is hospice a form of suicide and potentially would conflict with my religious beliefs?

Answer: No, hospice care is care focused on the patient's many facets of comfort. There is no aspect of hospice that focuses on ending one's life. More so, we actively support our patients' religious preferences by arranging visits from our Pastoral staff and local clergy when they may be unable to do so themselves.

Question: How much does hospice cost? I don't want to leave a financial burden for my family.

Answer: Typically, the full cost of hospice care is covered under Medicare and/or private health insurance. A representative of Alaga Hospice can help ensure your care is fully covered before choosing hospice.

Question: What do I need to do to apply for hospice?

Answer: It is as easy as making a phone call or sending us an email. We will ask for your permission to review your medical records. If your case meets the requirements to be on hospice care, we will then ensure your case is completely covered by Medicare or your private insurance before you make any decision. You can change your mind at any time.

Question: What if I change my mind and want to aggressively treat my “terminal illness”?

Answer: You absolutely can change your mind at any time and revoke your current hospice status. We will gladly help transition you to a provider you choose. We at Alaga Hospice truly care about your quality of life, and if we can help improve it, we will!