Alaga ~ A Filipino word meaning to care for one as if they are family.

~ Services ~

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At Alaga Hospice, our goal is to maximize your quality of living. We make it our mission that your goals are met, such as alleviating symptoms of discomfort or even as simple as understanding your struggles in your day-to-day journey. We know that the needs are different for each individual and their families.

Choosing hospice does not mean you are giving up on life or cannot treat other illnesses along the way. A patient may choose to more aggressively treat an illness at a later time. Should you get sick from something other than your terminal illness, you can still receive treatment for that illness. At Alaga Hospice, we are very passionate about your quality of life, even to the point to improve and graduate off of hospice care if at all possible.

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Individualized care ~

Each patient receives a comprehensive assessment to help guide our treatment plan. This will encompass physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. As patients progress, these needs will be reevaluated to adjust and provide the best care possible.

Physical needs ~

Physical needs often come in the form of pain control, ease of breathing, and activities of daily living. Whatever the case may be, we will strive to provide the greatest comfort and quality of life possible.

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Emotional needs ~

No one person is the same and their journey is unique. One may be comfortable in living a full life, or be anxious or worried. We will be here for our patients, providing emotional support and counseling if needed. More so, we want to be here to hold your hand and help comfort and guide you in your journey.

Spiritual needs ~

Our pastoral staff and our local clergy will be here for your spiritual needs. We will do our utmost to respect and follow your religious preferences in guiding and providing your treatment.